Operation HERRICK

Above is a map of Afghanistan highlighting Helmand Province where  the majority of UK troops are based. Click the map for a detailed view.

HERRICK  is the operational name under which all British operations in the war in Afghanistan have been conducted since 2002. It consists of the British contribution to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and support to the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Since 2003, Herrick has increased in size and breadth to match ISAF's growing geographical intervention in Afghanistan.

The Government quite rightly issues a medal for service in Afghanistan but we have repeatedly been asked to produce memorabilia for our personnel which is specific to their time spent on ops in Afghanistan. As well as our personalised items from the Badge of Pride range of merchandise we have recently commissioned a Challenge Coin which is suitable for all of our armed forces and has the benefit of being personalised with diamond engraving on the reverse. The coin is available now. In addition we have especially produced wall shields which can be named to an individual or any special event. 

We include the option to donate to any one of the five Service Charities which we have elected to support, they are:-

The Royal British Legion  The Army Benevolent Fund  The RAF Benevolent Fund  The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity  Help for Heroes

Donations are set in units of 1 and you are free to donate however many units you feel comfortable with.

Click here to learn more about this personalised Operation HERRICK Challenge Coin

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